Small Family Owned Hobby Farm

We are the Shepherd's and we live in the beautiful mountains of southern WV.  Our small hobby farm is not only our passion but our lifestyle.   We have a small farm and small herd of Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.  We love our goats and strive to provide them with the best care possible.  In return they provide us with beautiful creamy milk that we use to make lots of handcrafted soaps and lotions, yummy cheese, butter, and more! 


Quality Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

We are members of ADGA and participate in DHIR milk testing to improve our herd.  All of our goats are registered and can be found on ADGA genetics. 

We strive to always improve our herd and our breeding's with focus on conformation and milk production.   

Please contact us with any questions or take a look at our kidding schedule if you are interested in a kid or goat from our herd.