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Prairie Smoke CG PennyRoaylTea ​ 1*M



DOB:  04/15/2016

DOD: 09/01/2022

ADGA : 1794353

COLOR: ​Buckskin, Random White

Eye Color: Brown

Unofficial Height: 20"




DAM: Country Charm Sweet Sadie Ann

DS: Country Charm Gabriel

DD: Country Charm Emileigh

SIRE: Havannah Acres Cary Grant

SS: Buffalo Creek Farm Roger Goat

SD: Buffalo Creek Farm D Julie



Penny was a much loved girl. She was a foundation doe that started our herd.  Her legacy will live on in her sons, daughters, and grandchildren.  She was so loved and was the sweetest girl in the herd.  She will be greatly missed. 

Kidding History:

2017: single buckling, Shepherd FF Wild Bill Hickok *B 

2018: Twin Girls: Shepherd FF Pocahontas 2*M, Shepherd FF Moana)

2019: Twin bucks: Shepherd FF Legolas *B , Shepherd FF Aragorn *B)

2020: Triplet Girls: Shepherd FF Poppy, Shepherd FF Sweet Pea, Shepherd FF Boots)

2021 : Triplet Bucks 

2022: Triplet Bucks

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