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Sales Policies

Goat Policy

We reserve the right to retain ANY goat kid and/or refuse a sale at any time!! Please contact us to make a reservation on our kids once we have a current kidding schedule available.  We do not make any guarantees on reservations.  Once on you have reserved your kid, and the dam has kidded you will be contacted to decide if you will purchase that kid.  If so your deposit will be due at this time.   Our kids are primarily dam-raised with some co-parenting as needed.  We only have bottle kids in the event that is needed to help a dam.  Your kid will be ready for pick up at 8-12 weeks of age.  Bottle Kids are ready around 3 weeks of age and will be transitioned to whole cows milk before leaving.  At that time the remaining balance is due in full in cash.  We could at times have adult goats for sale, if you do not see any on our page, please contact us.  The same rules apply to adult goats for deposits.  

We sell only healthy and disease free goats and kids.  Goats are herd animals and will be sold in pairs ONLY!  Unless they are going to a home with other goats.  Bottle kids need to go to a home with other bottle kids or in pairs.  Most of our male goats will be sold wethered as pets.  We band our kids, when banding we do administer a CD &T shot to prevent against infection.  We do this as late as possible to allow for the urinary tract to develop.  If you are specifically looking for a buck, please contact us in advance so that we can make arrangements to fill your needs.  

All goats leave our property sound and healthy.  Dam raised kids will be de-wormed, vaccinated with CD&T , up to date on coccidia prevention, disbudded, and hooves will be trimmed before you pick them up.  PLEASE NOTE:  ALL our babies are disbudded by 2 weeks old, when disbudding there is always the chance of scurs growing.    We DO NOT guarantee your goat will not get scurs, and any risk involved with scur removal after the goat leaves our farm is the buyers responsibility.  You will receive all documents for registering your goats.  It is your responsibility to send the paperwork to the organizations and pay the fees to them.  We will also give you a care sheet and information for caring for your goat, along with a health record.  


** Bottle Kids can be ready to leave by 3 weeks old and will be transitioned to whole cows milk before leaving if you do not have goat milk to feed.  They will leave with coccidia prevention.   We will provide our method of bottle feeding schedule.  Bottle kids should continue to be fed a bottle until 9-12 weeks minimum. Its is the buyers responsibility to vaccinate them at 5 weeks and 8 weeks if they so choose.  It is the buyers responsibility to continue coccidia preventions, and it is the buyers responsibility to worm as they so choose.  It is the buyers responsibility to wether any bucklings sold as unregistered wethers at the age of 8-12 weeks old.   
Goats are priced according to their pedigree and potential milking ability.   Any adults that we have will be priced according to linage and milking record.  Prices are non-negotiable.  We do not trade our animals.  

​Please contact us with any questions.

Purchase Policy

All Livestock sales of Nigerian Dwarf Goats will require a deposit for us to hold that animal for you.   Deposits will be taken once kids are born.  Please email us to be put on our reservation list.  Then once the kids are here, you will have 48 hours to confirm your kids and we will require a non- refundable 50% deposit to hold the kid of your choice.   All deposits are applied to full purchase price. We are a very small farm with limited does, so please be patient as we have know way of knowing what will be born on our farm each year.   ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON- REFUNDABLE!  If you fail to pick your goat up on time or you back out on the purchase contract you will forfeit your deposit.  If for some reason that goat would become ill or we cancel the sale then we will refund your deposit 100%.

You will be responsible for picking up and transporting your animal.  We do not meet, farm pick up only.  All Balances are due when the goat is picked up.  If you do not pick your goat up by the time specified in the purchase agreement, a $3.00/per day boarding charge will be applied to your balance for a period of 2 weeks.  After that time you will forfeit the deposit money and the goat will be put back up for sale. 

​Once a goat leaves our possession we will not warrant its soundness or health as there are way to many factors that can remain out of our control.   If you are having trouble or problems with your goats, please contact us at once and we will try to help you as much as possible.  Goats can experience shipping fever after leaving our farm, despite every effort to prevent this it does happen.  We cannot insure against it, be again we are available if you have questions after adopting your goat.  Any goat paid for but not picked up in the time specified in the purchase agreement will remain on our property and all money paid will be forfeited to Shepherd Family Farm. 


We have adopted the ADGA recommended trade practices for members.  The seller guarantees the fertility of the buck. A buck, after reaching 1 year of age, should be able to serve and settle a doe. The buyer is expected to provide reasonable care and feed. Should the buck prove to be a non-breeder, the buyer shall notify the seller within 60 days from the first time he was used for service, provided the animal was over 1 year of age at the time of service; and the buyer shall provide sufficient proof, such as a statement from a veterinarian, that said buck is sterile. The seller shall have the option of making a satisfactory exchange or refunding the money. In no case shall the seller be responsible for more than the selling price. The purchaser shall pay any shipping charges involved in the exchange.  If the animal sold is a doe, there is no guarantee of fertility except where hermaphroditism becomes apparent when the animal reaches breeding age.  A doe sold as “bred” is not guaranteed to be pregnant, but only to have normally accepted service from the buck. 

No other guarantee is either impressed or applied.  We DO NOT GUARENTEE any animal sold without papers.   We do not guarantee health of any kind once the animal leaves our property.

Stud Services

Currently we are not offering stud services.  We may in the future. 

We reserve the right to revise our policies and terms at any time without notice. 

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