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shepherd ff Ar-Wendy Darling



DOB: 03/05/22

ADGA: 2221317

Color: Black and White, frosted ears

Eye Color: Brown

Unofficial Height: 



Sire: Longview Farm Homer's Aeolus

SS: Terra Bella MB Coda

SD: Better Wayz Star's Buttercup

SSD: AGS Terra Bella Finest Symphony 1*M

SSS: NC Promisedland B Mont Blanc

SDS: SG Gillispie's Black Bear +*B

SDD: SG Better Wayz Sirocco's Star 5*M VEEE90 

Dam: Shepherd FF Arwen Evenstar

DS: Sycamore SS MG Gambit +*B  +EV87  

DD: Bannerfield Farm La Vie EnRose 3*M 

DSS: MCH/GCH Lost Valley Mardi Gras ++*B +*S VVE 88

DSD: SGCH Double Durango Princess Sky 1*M 1*D EEEE 91

DDS: Bannerfield Farm Cadenza *B

DDD: Bannerfield Farm Petit Lutin 2*M  VV+V86

Kidding History:

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